Steadfast ethics in an ever changing market

Buyers and sellers of homes in the Thurston County area of Washington state need an agent who will work tirelessly on their behalf while always using the latest available technology. Agents with this level of experience aren’t easy to find, but they are on the job at Watts Property Group, part of Greene Realty of Olympia. Missy Watts, principal of the Watts Property Group, likes to say she has “a 1950s work ethic coupled with a current-technology credo.”

“I know it’s a terrific combo and our clients reap the benefits,” Watts said. “We are a boutique property group, and as the market shifts and changes, we continue to be strong advocates for our customers. We will work with them to ensure they receive great customer service. It’s a hallmark of who we are at this agency. ”Today’s real estate market is unlike any before in modern history, and it’s not a time for experimentation,” Watts said.

“Representing buyers in the current market is hard work! I want them to make a solid decision, avoid expensive pitfalls and not spend money unnecessarily. If I can look at a defect in a home they are considering and point it out, I may save them the time and money of a professional inspection. If the property has a “fatal flaw” like location or a sliding bank, I want my buyer clients to know. I pride myself on having that skill, that experience. Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetimes, and I think it just makes good sense to let an experienced professional guide them through it,” Missy said.

Research by the Urban Land Institute, among others, shows that most homes sold today are first found online and as such, Watts Property Group has adapted to maximize exposure of their homes for sale. They stand out from competitors with the use of professional photographers and videographers for every listing. No phone snapshots for the Watts’ group. Missy’s team hires the best in the business to ensure that homes are staged and photographed in the best light so that the property can be shown at its best. “Your buyer is going to find your home online most likely. If it doesn’t show well there, you won’t get the interest needed to get sold. We spend money to get you looking the best you can, and to get the photos and listing distributed worldwide.”

“Photographing and listing a home for sale and getting good exposure is important. But our real value comes in when it’s time to negotiate a contract and to manage the transaction through to closing. This isn’t a hobby for us. It’s our full-time job and in this rapidly shifting real-estate climate, that’s an important distinction. I have learned a lot over my career in real estate that can help sellers to navigate a sale smoothly. This skill helps build customer confidence,” Missy said.

“Customer service is not dead, it’s just a little harder to find,” Missy said. “We love doing what we do, so if a buyer or seller needs to have their hand held, we’re happy to do it. We love it when a client leaves a review that says working with our team is like looking for a house with a friend. Our clients know they can trust us to walk away from a house that isn’t right for them.” Making a mistake in buying or selling real estate can have costly implications, and at Watts Property Group, customers can be assured that they’re getting quick and thoughtful responses to their questions and guidance based on due diligence and years of expertise.

Watts Property Group represents ‘neither the high end of real estate nor the low end; it does it all.’ And though Missy herself adores waterfront and rural properties, the team at Watts Property Group knows that its clients come from all walks of life so it can handle every type of transaction. Upsizing, downsizing, right-sizing….we can help!

“There is no real-estate transaction that is too large nor too small for us,” Missy said. “We’re ready to anticipate needs and prevent obstacles. We are a full-service team, but you are not going to get passed off to an assistant. Missy handles every contract personally. We enjoy taking on all the details of real-estate transactions so our clients can relax, knowing that we’ve got their backs.”

Watts Property Group
1722 Harrison Ave NW
Olympia, WA 98502


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